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Monster Poems

May 26, 2010 by lmctague · 39 Comments · mythology

Post your monster poem in the comments section. Be sure to identify if it is a cinquain, concrete, limerick, narrative, diamante or free verse poem.


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    The Hydra Free Verse

    The Hydra
    A hundred headed beast
    Who had an exciting feast
    His battle was amazing
    He fought the mighty Hercules
    At first his ability crushed him
    His power made him
    Able to have more lives
    But with a knife
    To cut
    And a torch
    To destroy
    Hercules ended his agony
    That is the fall
    Of The Hydra

  • Allie O. per 8

    Narrative Poem-
    “The Sphinx”

    Part human, part lady, part eagle.
    No she does not look like a beagle.
    She can fly with wings,
    A fierce battler with claws.
    Destroying people in a battle.
    You don’t want to ride her with a saddle.
    A mythical creature among the gods.
    She is , I tell you the Sphinx.

  • Mark M.

    Monster= Greyon
    Poem= Free verse

    The monster Greyon

    The monster Greyon
    Has three bodies and four wings
    He was created
    To be able
    To defeat anyone
    Especially Hercules

    He lived on Erythia
    A western island
    He was
    Created by Hera
    To kill everything
    That he met

    Except Herclues
    Herclueswas the
    Only one who
    Could beat him

    Greyon died
    And the world
    Went on
    With no
    3 bodied

  • David K. Period 5

    Forever thirsty.
    A terrible beast
    that swallows the tides,
    along with the ships
    that sail opon them.
    It spews the water back out
    But not the ships and their crew.
    The punishment for his crime,
    becoming a monster.
    All for stealing the cattle
    of the great hero, Hercales.
    The one and only
    wirlpool monster
    of he Strait of Messina.

  • Sam V. period 5

    The Dragon Of Boteotia

    there once was a prince named Abas
    he disagreed with his father
    Abas was on a course
    with his horse when he heard
    Abas found out it was Demeter screaming
    for her daughter
    He did not know that he
    should not make fun of her
    She changed the weather to a blizard
    And Abas into a lizard
    that is the story of how Abas became….

  • Jessica H per. 5

    Monster Poem:

    Part cheetah, part woman
    with blazing yellow eyes
    white locks and wings
    This is Hecate
    The goddess of the Dark of the Moon

  • Liam H Period8

    Medusa Free Verse

    Medusa was born in the sea
    She was as beautiful as can be
    Her sisters were a mess
    Her brothers were huge
    Her name means wise

    Soon was cursed for her beauty
    Looked in the mirror
    There on her head was snake eyes

    She became a monster
    Not nice at all
    Looked very disgusting
    If you look in her eyes you became stone

    Medusa is a giant beast
    Turned from a girl to a monster
    She went from beautiful to hideous
    Now waits in her cave for someone else
    To attack.

  • Alex F.

    The Sirens

    Created by meaningless anger and hate,
    A misguided spell made them worse, made them great,
    The wings of a hawk made them anew,
    Molded dual personalities, one heart that was meant to be two.
    New angers, new fears,
    New hopes and new tears,
    Tore apart, fit together,
    And capture in their souls the rain, wind, and weather.
    And through their mouths came a song,
    Of such beauty and grace,
    It led many sailors to a horrible fate.
    Though their golden hearts felt horrid and protested,
    Their voices refused to be rested,
    No more able to stop than the sea in it’s throws,
    The rain in its fall, the wind as it blows.
    And so a new sadness entered their song,
    And gave it more beauty, and yet nothing wrong.
    So even more sailors jumped to their deaths,
    And still the sirens sang, for their voices would not rest.

  • Bryan. H


    Hercules travled until he came upon a monster
    It was the size of ten alligators
    There was but one huge head
    The monster was called Hydra
    So he went to work
    Hercules slished slashed and hacked
    The head finally fell to the ground
    But from the stump two more hads grew
    So he cut them off
    But for each head lost two more grew
    then the heads started to breath fire
    So he cut the head off
    Then with a stick on fire burned the stump
    And no head grew back this time
    So he continued this until every head was gone
    Finally done the body of hydra fell
    It was ove and Hercules had won

  • matt h

    The drabne of dole
    Is not a doll
    She will change because of her powers
    She will lock you up in a tower

    From the small city of dole
    She is as dark as coal
    With her mischievous smile
    She can melt your eyes for a while

    Her small slender hands as white as snow
    And be sure to know
    She can kill you with one blow
    Her hair is as white as snow

    Just be sure to not be fooled
    That the witch can cool
    Your body like ice
    Isn’t that nice

  • Olivia R. Period 8

    Hecate Diamante

    Torturing, killing
    Enemies with Orpheus
    Resides in the underworld
    She’s Hades assistent
    punishing, hurting

  • Carly Pento

    Ladon Free Verse

    Ladon was an ocean creature
    Had a crave for human flesh
    THe sepent was green a big
    Iole didn’t want himm for she was part human
    Also her love was hercules
    THe sepent was monster since birth in the ocean caves
    And forever his love was for Iole

  • Zoe W.

    The Nemean Lion

    The ferocious Nemean Lion
    He is an enormous lion with a golden mane
    No weapon can kill him
    With his tough skin, no arrow can hurt him
    And his ivory-dagger teeth and brass talons
    He comes from a family of monsters
    He terrorizes the people of Nemea
    Finally slain by Hercules
    He strangled the lion to death
    Made a cloak with the lion’s skin
    That made him as tough as the Nemean Lion

    *This is a free-verse poem

  • Ally B

    The Sphinx
    Flying above me
    Circling around me
    A woman’s head, a lions body, an eagles wings
    Making me sweat
    Not only because I am in a desert
    But because I am afraid she will eat me

    Her name is the Sphinx
    Elegant, yet lion like
    Was the biggest of them all
    Lila, was her real name
    She used to always hunt with the Griffins
    Even though they were big, she wanted more.

    The Sphinx was later left frozen
    After a fight with Thallo
    She was a legend
    For she managed to escape from Tartarus
    And then saw Zeus once again
    The Sphinx myths are evidence for Oedipus

    The Sphinx monster valued
    Herself t0o highly
    We are not done with the Sphinx
    Nor is she done with us
    Some say she is still
    Guarding the Egyptian desert

    We will never know
    Until we see her ourselves

  • Devesh D period 5

    The Chimaera
    The Fire breathing monster
    Brother of Cebererus and the Lernean Hydra
    A lion a snake and a gaot all in one
    Making lives miserable and lonely
    By eating the people
    He needed to be stopped
    So Bellerophon a son of the Sea God
    Took it out of play
    The Cimaera is gone
    So say hurray
    Because Bellerrphon saved the day

  • Stefan G. Period 5

    Monster: The Hydra
    Type: Limerick

    A one hundred monster appeared
    All over the world he was feared
    It could not be killed
    It was far to skilled
    When Hercules slayed it he cheered

  • Jackie K.

    Medusa, the lovely creature

    Out of an egg,
    Comes a beautiful creature,
    With gorgeous hair,
    And lovely eyes,
    For it is Medusa.

    Poseidon was looking for a bride,
    A beautiful bride,
    And of course the prettiest bride,
    Could only be Medusa.

    Medusa sat on her rock,
    When a goddess appeared,
    Who gazed at the most gorgeous creature.

    She was jealous,
    Jealous of medusa,
    So she did some evil.

    So naughty Athena,
    Turned her hair into coils,
    Coils of slimy slippery snakes,
    And then everything, touched by Medusa turned to stone.

    Now lonely medusa,
    Swims and swims,
    And can never,
    Be the beautiful creature again

  • Larry B. period 5

    Raised in a house of greed,
    Fafnir the ogre was in the lead,
    He could transform into beasts,
    Upon horror he feasts,
    Until he was slayed by Siefried.

  • Will S. Period 8


    Hating, Wishing
    Dad is king
    Wishes to be king
    Cursed into dragon
    Flying, Attacking

  • Kellen P.

    Calydonian boars are very big
    they also act like a big fat pig
    there big and hairy
    can be very scary
    and will snap just like a twig

  • Keirsten K

    Have you Heard?

    Have you heard
    Of three sisters
    Not at all graceful like a flying bird

    The sisters three
    Tiss, Meg, and Ally

    With their nails and wings of brass
    So sharp to you they might harass
    Vivid orange hair
    And stingray whips
    a memory you wish just wasn’t there

    These wicked monsters
    Ugly to what eye an sees
    Can take who they need
    To their King Hades

    So look through the skies
    And hope you don’t see
    The gruesome sight
    Of the three Furies

  • Jen M per 8

    Anteus is a scary giant
    who eats people of Libya
    and turns them into stew.

    He loves the sound of terror
    when everybody screams
    and runs away in fear

    Anteus was defeated by
    the almighty Hercules
    who helped Libya

  • Hannah H. per. 8


    three heads
    fighting, saving, growling
    He guards the Underworld

  • Brad D.

    In the quiet waters
    Of the forest pool
    lays the Fafnir creature
    His body changes as he sees you

    he wants to battle
    for he is hungry
    Until the soft waters are all dried up
    he will watch anyone
    who dares to care about him

    A deadly but yet
    simple creature
    With a mild bright eye
    And a waving tail
    he stares at you
    with desire

    The beast is happy
    You are scared
    and over look
    the days you’ve spent

    The time has not come yet
    To slay the beast But must come soon
    Meanwhile happy Fafnir
    Take thy rest in the afternoon
    sleep well thy Fafnir because
    your days are numbered!

  • Drew M. Period 8

    Scylla once was a beautiful Nymph
    Until Circe poisoned her
    Wolves grew from her
    She was stuck with them forever

    Under the rock she lays
    The wolves attack
    Unexpecting sailors
    Blood and bodies all over the deck
    Beware of Scylla
    The water beast

  • Meg G.

    If Only (Free-verse)

    If only I were beautiful
    And had both my eyes, and a shrewd mind
    If only I were born normal
    Considered savages were my kind

    If only my father Uranus wasn’t jealous
    If only he left my brother and I alone
    However, I am strong
    so there’s no point to moan and groan

    “Cyclops” means “circle-eyed”
    Just because I have one round eye in the middle of my forehead
    If only I were petite and feminine
    And could be human instead

    Did you ever wonder where Zeus’s thuderbolt, Hades helmet of invisibility and Posiedon’s tridet came from?
    Hard work and labor preformed by my brother and I
    Yet imprisoned in a cave is considered our home.

    We battled our father for hurting us
    And our own family for hating who we are
    Stronger than everyone yet
    Left with an internal scar

    Was it my fault that I was born strong, stubborn and with “abrupt emotions”?
    Was it my fault that I was imprisoned?
    If only I could’ve prepared for this
    If only I knew what was yet to come

    I am sorry that I eat humans
    I have to live with myself each and everyday
    I am sorry you consider me a monster from Greece
    But I am sorrier that Uranus made me this way.

  • Pranay M

    Amycus the monster born from a fight
    eyes made of diamonds
    A head made of brass
    This is Amycus the monster
    you wouldn’t want to get in a fight with Amycus the monster

  • Alice F

    The Sirens are quite beautiful,
    With long red locks of hair
    And dark brown wings.
    They sing their songs when sailors come
    These songs leand the sailors to their deaths
    For they jump over board.

    Not always did the Sirens have their wings
    For they were a “punishment” gone wrong
    Circe meant for them to be birds
    Because the Sirens, they betrayed her.
    Instead the wicked spell went wrong
    Instead of punishment they got joy,
    And the pride of being in the sky
    So a punishment became a gift,
    And that is how,
    The sirens got their wings.

  • Billy C.

    He was born of Mother Earth.
    Anteus was worth the birth
    Because he can kill anything
    With ease sweeping from tree to tree
    But then one day Hercules saved the day!
    He begged and begged but Hercules went
    All the way through

  • Zoe C.

    Monster: The Nemean Lion
    Type: Free Verse

    The Nemean Lion,
    Has the job of killing,
    He was ordered by Zues,
    To kill a sickly kid,
    So the Nemean Lion,
    Did as he was told,
    And now he terrorizes towns,
    And kills for the fun of it,
    But he alwas eats his scaps,
    A womens face,
    On the Nemean Lion’s fore head,
    Has six wrinkles,
    He has the main the color,
    Of the sunset,
    And his eyes are the same color,
    He is an old Greek myth ,
    Created by old Mother Earth,
    He is an evil lion,
    And that is hust the way,
    It has to be.

  • Molly Kate D. per 5

    Medusa (Concrete)

    Medusas’ snakes bring a horrible fate,

    Of turning innocent people to stone.

    Athena gave her this terrible quality,

    For she was jealous of Poseidon choosing her over the wise Athena.

    I pray that you never meet Medusa one day,

    Because she is no longer a beautiful creature.

    But if you do happen to stumble upon this hideous beast,

    What ever you do,

    Never, ever, NEVER!

    Look into her shiny gray eyes.

    For you will belong to her and go to the graveyard of cold, lifeless, scared statues.

  • Andrew S

    By: Andrew Schmidt

    Cyclops are ugly
    They have one eye,
    On their forehead,
    Right in the middle,
    Cyclops are ugly,
    As ugly as can be

    Cyclops are ugly,
    They are as tall as trees,
    They are enourmous,
    Bigger than me,
    Cyclops are ugly,
    As ugly as can be

    Cyclops are ugly,
    But good for something,
    Making tools,
    They are great at that
    Cyclops are ugly,
    As ugly as can be.

  • Scott "H"

    Amycus, the brass head monster born a cyclopes
    But could not get the girl of his dreams.
    He made a head out of brass
    For he was very smart.
    The girl said yes
    And he was happy
    But that is not have of the story
    Amycus…The brass head monster.

  • Jenna H. Period 8


    Ruthless monster,
    Killing, teriffing,
    Three-bodied killing machine,

  • Brianna P Period 8

    There once was a serpent named Ladon
    People could mistaken him for a dragon
    He guarded the golden apple tree
    And ate people even their knees
    But fell in love with a girl with beauty
    What’s a challenge for him you ask
    Well he has 100 heads!
    So it’s very hard for him to find a decent bed!

  • Sarah Lowe

    The Chimaera was a creature
    That looked like a combination between
    A dragon, a horse, a goat, a lion and a cat.

    A very mean creature it was
    For it ate the entire population

    But It got slayed by a man
    On a pegasus on one day

  • Henry S.

    Medusa was once a beautiful woman
    So beautiful that she was chosen to be Posideons wife
    Together they were happy
    Until on tragic day she was cursed

    It turned her once fair hair into snakes
    She avoided all humans for
    Looking into Medusa’s eye’s turned you…
    Into solid cold stone

    Her name means wise
    But she was not
    For one night
    She was slain by Perseus without a fight

  • Jenna H. Period 8


    Blood-thirsty killer,
    Terrifing, bone-chilling, horrifing
    The three-bodied people eater,

  • Kimberly C


    Echidne the Serpent woman
    Laid a lumpy egg.
    “Crack” a paw crept out.
    “Thump” a large curly, pitch black tail slithered out.
    “Creek” three heads in the shape of a dog appeared.
    Echidne stepped back.
    For, she looked at the creature, at that three headed dog.
    Cerberus, Cerberus she recited.
    I shall call you Cerberus.
    Cerberus grew and grew.
    For, his three heads made a mighty crew.
    He hunted in the ocean, he attacked sharks.
    For all three heads, together, made a frightful bark.
    There was no creature that Cerberus feared.
    Though, he was feared by all other’s.
    To this day Cerberus guards the Underworld.

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